Pomp & Artistry Trial Event

Davina Bryan

Bridal Artist


Let’s talk trials!
We get so many questions about bridal trials each season and COVID has made planning these important appointments a bit trickier!

Here a few suggestions that might help with planning this important date! 

  • The 3 Month Window

We’ve been at this bridal beauty thing for a long, long time. ​Long enough to know the perfect time to work that bridal trial into a chaotic schedule! We always suggest that brides schedule their trial within three months of the big day. That ensures the bride has plenty of time to iron out her design details and tie together other important design elements like color pallet, event theme and most importantly - DRESS design. Hair and makeup trials are such an exciting part of the planning process but it’s important the trial isn’t wasted on a design that changes as your vision changes! By three months it’s likely you’ve refined your beauty ideas as your other event details fall into place and you’ll walk into that trial with plenty of inspiration photos to share. You’ll also have time for a second trial if needed.=
In our experience, brides who schedule that trial too far in advance wind up scheduling a second trial and losing sleep as they sift through Pinterest photos wondering if they’ve chosen the right design! Take our advice and give yourself time to feel confident in your design choices!

  • Inspire your artist!

Sometimes brides walk into a trial and fully anticipate they’ll walk out with exactly what they envision…even if they fail to share that vision with their artists. Lets be real – bridal artists can to a lot of things (sometimes they seem like magicians!) However, they are most definitely not mind readers. Though, that would be an excellent trick to keep in our arsenal!

You have to be prepared to share your vision with your bridal artist. The best way to do this and ensure you're speaking the same language is a solid visual! Bring your inspiration photos. Bring photos of that beautiful dress you’ve chosen and tell us why it’s the dress for you! Make sure those photos show the neckline, the side profile and the back design so that your artists can make suggestions about the appropriate hair style. Sometimes high dress necklines don’t work well with half up designs as the hair catches in that beautiful beadwork. Often, a deep, scooping back design is the perfect fit for a low, whimsical chignon. These are things you might not consider if you’ve never done this before! Take advantage of all that knowledge your artist has to offer by showing up with plenty of details to share!

Don’t forget to bring the headwear you’ve planned to incorporate such as a veil, crown, wreath or broach. If you plan to use fresh flowers on the big day don’t forget to let your artist know. We have plenty of experience designing last minute hair accessories that often end up pulling a look together!

  • It’s YOUR vision.

We love to see our brides at a trial and we love meeting the special people they sometimes bring to their trial! However, if you’re the type of person who’s feathers are easily ruffled by the innocent commentary of your mother or your well meaning best friend, a trial just isn’t the place for them. The trial is a time for you to shine and feel confident that you’re bringing your design vision to life. Your artists relies on YOUR feedback. Often, that feedback can be stifled by the enthusiasm of others. Carefully consider who attends this important meeting with you and weigh the benefits of sharing that experience with them. Sometimes, a trial is best shared in photos and we always make sure our brides leave their trial with plenty of photos for review!

  • To prepare or not to prepare...that is the question! 

We are often asked, "Is dirty hair best for an updo?"

In short, the answer is a resounding, "No. Please, no".

Event styling follows trends that shift and swing with each changing season. One constant within the industry is this notion that dirty hair is best for an updo. But if that were the case, why would your moms moms mom use baby powder in her amazing work of art hair beehive? (She did, I promise!) Why would dry shampoo even be a thing if dirty hair were desirable hair? 

The reality is, event artists who aren't privy to your hair's characteristics aren't qualified to make these important suggestions! But you are! You know your hair best and if your hair is used to a daily shampoo, definitely plan to shampoo that hair prior to your trial and on the big day! 

Our advice is to do exactly what you do every day and let our took kit take it from there! 

A good stylist has the right products to work with every hair type. So, give us what you’ve got!

Our only ask that your hair is thoroughly dry for both the trial and the event date. 

  • Communicate

It’s helpful to share special hair characteristics with your artist pre-trial. For example, if you have natural curl to your hair and you’d like to utilize that curl in your design, the artist might make suggestions or ask you to arrive with slightly damp hair for styling. Similarly, if you have fine hair and your vision includes a thick head of beautiful waves on your wedding day, your artist might suggest you arrive to the trial with pre purchased extentions to make the trial a bit smoother and ensure a second trial isn’t necessary.

Trials are so much fun and can be a great way to iron out any apprehension you might have about pulling together that head to toe look on the big day. If there isn’t time for a trial, don’t worry! A good bridal artist will connect with you prior to the big day and talk design ideas. You can schedule a phone consultation or zoom meeting with any of our artist just to ensure you’re both on the same page heading into the service date. With the right bridal artistry team and organized bridal vision, you'll know exactly what to expect when the big day arrives!